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Utilizing every square inch is the key to a luxurious bathroom renovation in Bernalillo. We know that small bathrooms are common in Bernalillo. That’s why our team comprises bathroom remodeling contractors and designers who are experts at maximizing space. We give equal importance to aesthetics and function when dealing with the most sensitive room in your house. We want to make your dream bathroom a reality. We have recently worked in the following areas: Corrales, Placitas, Alameda, Sandia Heights, Rio Rancho, North Valley, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, Paradise Hills, San Felipe Pueblo, Lee Acres

Bathroom Contractors Trusted Across Bernalillo

We are equipped to handle bathroom redmodeling because of our extensive experience with multi-room renovations in Bernalillo. We are a full-service design-build company that does more than renovate and design. We also procure and inspect each item before it is delivered to the site. We can help you develop ideas to maximize a small space, from the layout to the storage. We oversee the entire project, from the initial design to the final renovation.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is a natural blend of aesthetics and functionality. In Bernalillo, small bathrooms are especially important. Our designs are always focused on optimizing storage. When renovating bathrooms, we consider improving the room’s flow, rearranging fixtures and replacing bathtubs with showers. We may even add washer/dryer units to adjacent or nearby spaces.

Materials Used in Bathroom Remodeling


We can install any tile you desire, whether a natural stone, subway or penny tile. Our design experts can help you decide which option will make the most of your space if you are unsure. We have much experience with bathroom renovations so we can accommodate various styles and finishes.


The vanity is usually the center of attention in a bathroom remodel. Placing the vanity in the right spot is crucial to maximize your bathroom space, improving traffic flow, and create a smooth flow. Aesthetics are also important. We can find you the ideal vanity, whether your style is sleek and contemporary, retro mid-century or anywhere between.


The vanity counters are also a vital part of bathroom renovations. We always consider durability and style when selecting materials for new bathroom countertops. We’ll match the aesthetic of your new bathroom with the perfect countertops, whether it’s the long-lasting, stain-resistant beauty of quartz or non-porous solid surface materials such as laminate, tile or stone.

We Handle All Forms of Bathroom Remodels in Bernalillo

No matter how big or small your bathroom renovation is, working with Albuquerque Bathroom Remodel means you will never have to compromise on style. We know how to maximize limited space to give you the desired bathroom.

Small Bathroom

It is essential to consider the layout of the bathroom. Our designs for notoriously tiny bathrooms are bright and open, allowing you to move around easily, no matter the tight space. We aim to maximize storage, from incorporating a medicine cupboard behind the mirror to adding a niche to the shower. The opening of your bathroom door is also essential. A pocket door could be an upgrade. What about a swinging door? We consider everything that could affect the flow of your small bathroom.

Master Bathroom

Remodeling a master bathroom can transform an otherwise ordinary space into an exquisite and relaxing oasis tailored to meet the specific needs and tastes of the property owner. The typical items we see getting remodeled in recent years include the removal of bathtubs, which are replaced by walk-in showers. Other popular changes are Jack and Jill sinks and wall-hung toilets, which improve the room’s flow and make floor cleaning easier.

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathroom renovations are a step up in terms of design. While functionality and aesthetics of material selection will always be necessary, they also take the design to the next level. His and hers double vanities and heated floors are both luxurious and functional. Walk-in showers and soaking tubs bring plumbing elements that can take your bathroom to new levels of comfort and design.

What is the cost of a bathroom remodel?

Here’s a guide to estimating the cost of bathroom renovations in New Mexico. The significant variables are:


The square footage of the bathroom fixtures usually determines the size of your bathroom.

Finish level

It will range from budget to luxurious, depending on the fixtures, materials and finishes you choose.


Will you replace only fixtures and finishes, or will you also change the floor plan? You are changing the layout of your home, which includes moving walls and utilities. Add a new bathroom or move your existing bathroom to another part of the home.


Are you only looking for construction services? Do you need professional design or architecture services?

Let’s begin with a simple example.

Here are the estimated costs of a complete renovation in Bernalillo (without any layout changes), with general contracting services.

Budget bathroom renovation start at $3,547

Mid-range Bathroom renovations starting at: Prices starting at $10,340

Luxury Bathroom renovations beginning at $17,166

Our pricing estimates include all materials, labor, overhead, and a general contractor’s standard margin.

How Bathroom Size Affects Costs

It may seem obvious, but the bigger your bathroom, the more expensive the renovation. It’s not an easy calculation because it isn’t just the size of the bathroom that matters, but the fixtures and finishes. More plumbing fixtures (such as sinks, toilets and showers) will mean higher costs. 

How to size up your bathroom remodel project

Half Bathroom

Also known as a powder room, it has a toilet and a sink. A half bathroom is usually equipped with 1-2 fixtures.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom usually has a toilet, sink and shower or bathtub. A full bathroom usually has 3-4 fixtures.

Master Bathroom

The primary bathroom, or master bathroom, is usually a large vanity with two sinks and a bathtub or shower, toilet and sometimes a bidet. A primary bathroom usually has 4-5 fixtures.

Luxury Master Bathroom

A primary bathroom usually has two sinks, an extended vanity, a large shower, or a separate shower and bathtub. It may also have a separate toilet and bidet. A deluxe primary bathroom has 5+ fixtures.

There are a variety of bathroom fixtures available for any size bathroom. They range from ultra-luxury to budget. The bathroom size, style preferences, and budget will determine what fixtures you need, such as a toilet, sink, vanity faucet, shower head and bathtub. Fixtures for a small bath can cost as little as $500 and increase to $15,000.

What type of finish is possible with a Bathroom Remodeler?

The finish level is the overall quality and price of materials used within a bathroom. Wall treatments, vanity materials, flooring, sink brands, faucet models, and fixture models are included. Your costs will rise faster the higher your finish level.

Budget Finish

Budget finishes are usually off-the-shelf items from IKEA or “big box” retailers. These include stock vanities, tiles priced under $5/square foot, such as Pergo or Daltile, and fixtures from Delta, Moen and Pfister.

Mid-Grade Finish

Materials of mid-grade quality balance material cost with quality. Vanities from Design House, Fresca and Signature Hardware, tile by TileBar, and American Standard Hansgrohe and Kohler fixtures are included.

High-end Finish

These materials include custom work and high-end craftsmanship. Tiles by Cle Tile, Ann Sacks and Artistic Tile are included, along with vanities from Duravit, Robavit and DXV, and fixtures from Kallista and Brizo.

Luxury finish

Luxury is the highest level of craftsmanship, customization and materials. Think of brands such as Lefroy Brooks, THG Paris and Samuel Heath.

Bathroom Renovation Scope in Bernalillo

Scope: Gut bathroom renovation vs rip-and-replace New Mexico

The scope of a project is the amount and nature of work required. This can affect which professionals to hire. The scope is divided into three broad categories. (When a contractor provides you with an estimate, more details and costs of fixtures and finishes will be included in the estimate.)

Full renovation (also known as “rip and replace”)

Full renovations involve replacing old fixtures and finishes while keeping everything else in place. The layout will be the same before and after the renovation. This is a more straightforward method of reimagining your space. It can be accomplished with a general contractor.

Gut Renovation

You’ll need to remove walls, reroute plumbing and electrical lines, and generally strip the room down to its studs (or even remove these!). This project requires professional architectural and design services, permits, and licensed contractors to ensure the work is completed safely and according to code.

What services are included in Bathroom remodeling in Bernalillo

Build and Design services are the two most important services you should consider when renovating your bathroom. You have a few options to choose from depending on what you need.

Build Service with a General Contractor

Your general contractor would provide demolition and construction services. Some general contractors need to provide entirely professional design. They are classified as build-only firms. A contractor can offer many different services, even within the build-only category. Some contractors will only work with plans created by a professional designer. Others will work closely with you to realize your vision.

Pricing can be competitive depending on various factors, including service level, firm size, overhead, and experience. It is best to speak with several contractors to determine the level of service that suits your needs.

Design Service from an Architect or Interior Designer

The design service is divided into two categories: creative and technological. The ingenious design service is usually optional and involves working with an interior designer or architect to reimagine your space. The cost of this additional service is generally between 10-20%, depending on your budget. (Not all firms base their fees on construction costs — some charge flat rates based on project scope or anticipated duration). 

For a bathroom renovation of $40,000, you can expect to pay an architect or designer between $4,000 and $8,000.

An architect or structural engineer must provide technical design expertise for projects such as gut renovations, where permits are required. They are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed safely and according to codes.

What is a full-service, design-build firm?

You can hire a designer or an architect and a general contractor separately if you require design and construction services. A third option with some distinct advantages is hiring a design-build company. This is a general contractor that offers professional design services under one roof. You will work with the same company from design to construction. Some clients value the project’s continuity, which often helps save time. They also appreciate the seamless coordination that can help keep the project within budget.

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